Wishlist is a fund which provides grants to disadvantaged people, or people with disabilities.

The Wishlist criteria changes every 12 months. This year’s criteria is aimed at children and young people up to the age of 21 (Until December 31 2018 -where it will be reviewed by Trustees), who are disadvantaged or have disabilities (Applications are also welcome from current Oaklea customers of any age). Through Wishlist, we aim to fund equipment, education, and/or leisure for the promotion of independence and to help young people and their families.

Wishlist can help to fund:

  • Multi sensory equipment
  • Proprioception kits
  • Specialist software
  • Respite care
  • Opportunities for trips away and days out
  • Confidence building and development of skills for daily life

Wishlist is maintained solely by donations and fundraising. If you would like to help us fund more grants, you can get involved and raise some money! Visit our fundraising pages or get in touch on 01539 735025.

You can download an application form here:

OS-056 Wishlist Grant Application Form-20181010153659.docx

OS-056A Wishlist Grant Application Guidance Notes.docx

Some recent examples of Wishlist funding in 2018:

Having a splashing time!

Wishlist has contributed to hydrotherapy sessions for Hira Alkan from West Cumbria. Jane Brown from Cumbria Cerebral Palsy: “This activity allows Hira to develop her muscles while still young enough to do so. It really improves her quality of life as she is unable to walk or stand on her own.”

Jane adds; “This will hopefully be life changing for Hira. She was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects all her limbs but especially her legs. Hydrotherapy increases her upper body co-ordination and boosts the range of movement of her joints.”

Making daily life that bit easier…

13 year old Max has Type 1 Diabetes - and to manage this he needs to wear an insulin pump. University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, NHS Paediatric Specialist Nurse Suzanne Jackson: “To ensure Max gets the correct amount of insulin he has to check his blood glucose by pricking his finger regularly throughout the day -this can be as many as 20X a day if his blood glucose levels are unstable. By having a Libre device (see image of Max below) this helps measure and stores glucose throughout the day and reduces the amount of testing he would have to do on a daily basis as he can just look at the sensor to check his glucose levels instead of having to prick his finger.” Wishlist has helped contribute to the Libre treament -this also allows his parents (Mum Sarah - pictured above with Max) to check on him when asleep. Suzanne adds: “Many parents find night times stressful as they worry a child will go hypoglycaemic during the night and suffer a seizure.”

Hot hot hot!

Wishlist funded a hot tub for Alex who has Autism, Learning difficulties and ADHD.Shirley Gilpin, a family support worker explains: “I have known the family for a number of years and been aware of how Alex’s autism/ADHD impacts on his daily life. Coming out of the house has been a real challenge trying to predict what the environment will throw at them each day. For Alex this was overwhelming and resulted in an anxiety “meltdown”. His family have worked hard to help Alex take small steps to use their garden and ensure he feels safe and secure within it. Quite a challenge when insects like bees and wasps are something which has caused Alex tremendous anxiety. Giving Alex strategies and working towards controlling and providing a defined area has been key in helping Alex cope with this. A hot tub provides a defined “safe zone” for Alex. Having it within their own garden ensures easier access and a pleasurable motivator. Alex also struggles to relax in the evening and his sleeping pattern is very easily disturbed or limited. The installation of a hot tub would be a much used piece of equipment which will help to cater for his sensory needs and provide a calming effect to help promote a healthier sleeping pattern.”

Steps Youth Club (11-19 year old) - “Received a grant to help members try new activities they may not get a chance to do otherwise, which in turn will help increase their confidence and become involved in public events”. Paul Gillard, Oaklea Support Worker. This included bowling at Holgates Leisure, Silverdale, Lancashire.

Oaklea customers can also get funding - here Alan from our registered care home in Ulverston applied for funds to get a garden shed. This would encourage being outdoors and keep Alan and fellow householders active. Sue Millington, Manager at the home: “Alan always had a very active life and we wanted to ensure he could continue his hobby. By having a proper shed, equipment can be stored safely year round. This will also be used by all the other customers at the accommodation and so benefits everyone. Gardening really promotes independence and a sense of well being.” Here Alan is pictured sorting the foundations for where the shed will go!

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