Andrew - a 'moving story'

Profile: Oaklea, 09th Oct, 2020

Oaklea is all about making sure those we support get to live their lives as independently as possible and we like to make sure we can do anything we can to make that happen.

Let us introduce Andrew - a young man who is supported by Oaklea and who is an incredibly talented musician (he can play loads of different instruments just by ear).

Today we moved a piano between Oaklea houses in Kendal for Andrew. Anyway to cut a long song short….Oaklea Adult Team Supervisor Alex ‘mayo’ Corrie-Williams mentioned this to HQ and we got everything in motion for it to be carefully put in place!

Here Andrew describes how special the piano is:

Andrew can’t read music but just picks things up straight away - as this week marked the death of guitar whizz Eddie Van Halen -he of course soon gave a quick burst of ‘Jump’! For copyright reasons we can’t show that…but if you see him -just ask for a quick rendition -he’s very accommodating!

Moving can be hard work - but you gotta have time for a brew and an impromptu session -on the keys!

Alex Corrie-Williams knows how much shifting the piano means to Andrew:

By request… fresco….

Easy now - The piano now in situ in Andrew’s room. He is able to tune it himself and intends to refurbish it back to its former glory -stay tuned as we will keep you updated on progress!

The positivity this has generated for Andrew and those around him has been really lovely - and is a great way of illustrating our Oaklea working behaviours….what are those I hear you ask…well here they are:

Postscript - just a little quirky update 26 October 2020

Alex Corrie-Williams - guess what; “Andrew has sent me this screenshot and has taken apart the piano and in the back of it, found a small sack full of one pound notes!” Now that’s ‘Money for nothing’……as Dire Straits once said…..

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