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Profile: Oaklea, 12th Sep, 2017

Nichola Bainbridge, Team Manager, shares her passion for fundraising

I have been an employee with Oaklea trust for over 8 years and I have always liked to fundraise. To get the customer’s and staff involved is a great achievement, exciting and enjoyable. It’s nice to see everyone getting involved and having an amazing and fun time.

I have been involved in a number of fundraising events this year, including both with customers and employees, such as a sponsored silence, hosting a pie &pea supper and pool night, supporting the John Street Jammers in Barnard Castle Market and a Halloween party which included a tombola, raffle, best dressed costume, and pumpkin competition.

Overall I am really pleased to have helped to raise £1000 for the Wishlist fund.

One of the events was a sponsored silence that was discussed between myself, employees and one customer who thought it was great idea. But this particular customer loves to talk and everyone thought he wouldn’t be able to achieve this. How wrong could they be! Kit keep quiet for a whole day single-handedly raising over £600.00. It was even better when this challenge was met by a member of the Executive team, helping the customer to try and raise more and getting others involved too.

I know that our employee teams have many different talents such as arts and crafts, baking, stalls and bringing customers together and I enjoy encouraging talent in others; to have fun and to know we are raising money for our own Wishlist charity is a real drive; knowing we are helping others to enjoy themselves and provide some funds to help others achieve their goals in life.

I was thrilled to be awarded Oaklea’s Employee of the Year for Biggest Fundraiser!

Nichola Bainbridge, Team Manager

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