Blog #4

Profile: Oaklea, 14th Sep, 2017

Looking forward to a new life

Lissie tells us how she felt in her own words:

“When I moved to Kendal I wasn’t able to go out by myself because I had no road safety knowledge and I would stress when I was out alone. I couldn’t cook a meal by myself and I would get very anxious about everyday things”

Lissie’s long term goal has always been to move in with her boyfriend; Daniel. So for 3 years the Oaklea team have been working closely with Lissie, her social worker, community nurse, and family; putting strategies together to build her confidence and on dealing with her anxiety.

Becky our Manager explains; “We put small steps in place at first; the staff would go with her into town then when she was used to the routes they would follow her, until she was confident to go alone.”

Lissie also attended college on the ‘Stepping up’ course, which teaches the students life skills, and a very proud Lizzie got her certificate in July!

Becky again; “The staff at the house have worked really closely with Lissie, supporting her with everyday skills and now she goes to the hair dressers, goes shopping, goes to the bank, does everyday activities independently. She has been working on her cooking skills and is now able to cook meals for herself and her boyfriend.”

Now the preparations have been made and Lissie is now ready to move on. Lissie and Daniel have chosen a place to live together where support will still be available and the plans are all in place for moving house.

Lissie said “I am very excited about moving in with Daniel. I have wanted this for a very long time and I can do it”

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