Getting a pizza the action is key

Profile: Oaklea, 06th Feb, 2020

Meet Jen and Andy - we caught up with them at their new flat run by our good friends at Fairoak Housing. They're a great example of the Oaklea 7 Keys to Citizenship - moving away from outcomes to things like love, life and freedom.

A key component is “home” - it’s where we find Jen & Andy in domestic bliss - they’ve just got a joint tenancy, and moved in 2/3 weeks ago. Jen is a familiar face at our CIC Right2Work (R2W) where she’s getting a qualification in upholstery. Andy used to volunteer at R2W Furniture Warehouse and now has a job at Lakeland Ltd - he’s supported by Oaklea’s Community Team.

They’re strongly connected to Oaklea Group then in many many ways - in fact they met each other through R2W! The eagle eyed may spot Andy is a Wolves fan…but we won’t hold that against him! Moving in together is a big step for any of us - and as Jen explains before this - she was at home with mum:

More on the 7 Keys to Citizenship here 7 Keys to Citizenship

Now we’ll leave them in peace - game on…..

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