Hands up if you fancy storming the Castle?

Profile: Oaklea, 09th Aug, 2019

Summertime is always one of the most hectic times of year for the Oaklea Children's Team - busy arranging Shortbreak activities for young people and their families across Furness & South Lakeland. These give valuable breaks for families & carers and a great chance for young people to make new friends and try new activities.

This year one of our most popular trips was to Lowther Castle & Gardens near Penrith in the Eden Valley.

Filling a whole day at Lowther helps when the weather is fantastic - the visit began with a quick tour round the new exhibition then up to the best bit - the imposing wooden castle - basically a huge play area! It has loads of different things to explore and try out -from zip wires to walking up/down the walls. A great place to spend a few hours and ‘learning the ropes’!

We also had great fun dividing into teams - which one of our youngsters organised - to do the treasure trail round the extensive gardens and woodlands. It was greta to see our group get so involved -and at times very competitive!

“Courting” interest - Our Furness group also had a trip to Lowther - clearly made a good impression with smiles all round in the Castle Courtyard.

Those cheeky fun lovin’ folks from Barrow & Furness also managed to squeeze in a visit to Rheged on the same day they did Lowther - slip sliding away!

These things wouldn’t of course happen were it not for the cracking team at Oaklea - even if it means asking one of our young people to take a shot of us that was printable (Paul, Simon & Matty from the S Lakes Team) propping each other up!

We’ll definitely be coming back here -even if it’s just to enjoy playing frisbee in the grounds with such a good backdrop! (yes we enjoyed learning to play PIG as well - make sure you get to play this if you attend an Oaklea shortbreak!)

Big thanks to Sandgate School in Kendal who have let us have a minibus for the summer -as we have employees able to drive this it saves big time on costs.

If you want to know more about our Shortbreak offer or wider Children’s Services give us a bell on T 01539 735025 E: Get in touch

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