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Profile: Oaklea, 25th Jul, 2019

North East Oaklea customer, Adrian, has just notched up a fabulous 5 years as a Volunteer Countryside Ranger with Durham County Council Countryside Service.

Adrian, who lives at an Oaklea Supported Living property in Ferryhill, County Durham, usually goes out once a week depending on the weather and conditions. It’s a short 10 minute walk from his front door but the reserve does involve some steep hills. He always has someone with him - in this case Oaklea support worker, Paul.

The Carrs Nature Reserve in Ferryhill is an oasis of calm year round - only interrupted by the East Coast Mainline Railway. As well as keeping tabs on the litter, Adrian is also on the look out for any fires, abandoned BBQ’s etc -as these can cause problems for Network Rail in hot weather. He also has responsibility for reporting anything to the Countryside Ranger Service. Here he’s chatting to Paul about what he keeps an eye out for -click on the video “2 blokes on a bench” for more:…

Over time Adrian has found a lot of interesting things on his ‘round’ - including a machete. Everything he collects is bagged and binned.

Here’s a wee clip of Adrian and Paul busy keeping the Reserve in tip top condition!…

Adrian has been living at his Ferryhill home for 15 years - and has known support Paul almost as long -so they know each other really well and enjoy each others company.

The voluntary work Adrian does fits neatly into the “7 keys of citizenship” that Oaklea has developed as part of the My Life My Choices Plans (MLMC) - which each Oaklea customer has to encourage independence and life choices. (More detail on the 7 keys here 7 Keys of Citizenship). Here you can see Adrian looking at his plan -which also includes a summary of his excellent voluntary work.

After we had finished our tour round the Nature Reserve it was time for refreshment - in fact Adrian nipped up the road to his favourite watering hole! Now that’s an independent streak….

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