Just a quick dip then

Profile: Oaklea, 06th Sep, 2019

Oaklea is all about empowering the people we support. It's a key element of the Oaklea 7 'keys of citizenship', one of which is to 'believe in kindness'. So here's a lovely example that would make anyone's day!

Ruth Hall, our Registered Manager at Rothbury in Northumberland can be seen here with Margaret on the beach at North Berwick.
Ruth; “Margaret is our oldest customer and she had set a goal to dip her toes in the sea. She has just recently achieved this as our team were able to source a beach wheelchair. Margaret had a great time enjoying her day out on the beach. She had loads of fun dipping her toes in the sea.”

The Oaklea Mission Statement says: “To support individuals to achieve their aspirations through care, education and development; encouraging independence and maximising capabilities.” Job done -agreed?

Find out more here Oaklea Vision

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