"Right son you're nicked.....!"

Profile: Oaklea, 09th Dec, 2020

"Ullo ullo what have we hear...?" Oaklea have been "nicked" for being too awesomely good again?

Now here’s a ‘cautionary’ tale for you with arresting scenes in South Cumbria involving our young customers and employees at our newish house - Rakehead, Ulverston.

Luckily we have our own Hon Det Chief Inspector on the case- Oaklea’s Grant “Laal G” Huck who has given us this forensic update on the case (and also has the sheer joy of working at Rakehead in between his top investigative role!)

“I managed to arrange with a friend of mine in the Police from Ulverston, for them to come up to Rakehead Cottage and let the lads have a play about in the Police Van for the afternoon, blasting the siren and the lights, the Blues and Two’s and getting pretend arrested and locked up in the back”.

Do carry on “Laal G”…we didn’t mean to interrupt this top case:

“It was Sam (pictured above) who originally gave me the idea to arrange the visit because i’d noticed how he got excited when Police Cars and Fire Engines passed us (We do at Oaklea HQ too if truth be told…..) So I had a word with my friend PCSO Izzy Roberts from Cumbria Police who agreed to do it and she kindly agreed. She is pictured with Sam. She later told me that she had the time of her life seeing Sam and the others so happy, it really made a change for her, to be doing something like this, for no other reason than to put a smile on someone’s face.”

Under supervision: “Joanne our Supervisor got locked up too, funnily I haven’t seen her since?” (We suspect it could be connected with her excellent fundraising Tombola activities…ssssshhhhhhhh we won’t say anything M’lud!)

Fantastic stuff from the Rakehead gang…oh hang on call incoming from the Cells - what’s that you say Hon DCI “Laal G

“We will be sending a big box of chocolates to the Ulverston Police team as a thank you”

Clearly they have far too much fun (and chocolates) down at Rakehead* living those Oaklea ‘working behaviours’……even if it does involve being banged up!

*Our new setting for a group of young lads to live as independently as poss - wots not to like. You can learn more about Rakehead here Find out about Rakehead gang here

The Police van then left……we presume empty…..there was the odd muffled cry…..! The End.

Seasonal update 14 December - look who dropped by!

Well despite their ‘brush with the law’……the boys clearly made amends as look who came to see them for their Christmas Party!

A special moment as it’s their first Christmas together. Rumour has it Santa is actually someone quite well known to the lads….beards can be so deceptive…..shhhhhhhhhhh!

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