Santa has Jumpers for goalposts?

Profile: Oaklea, 17th Dec, 2018

All across the known Oaklea galaxy people have lost leave of their senses and have been wearing inappropriate (?) casual wear. Fear not it's all for a good cause as part of 'Chrimbo jumper day'!

Here you can see customers Jonathan, Pauline, Gemma, and Andrew and Charlotte (staff) at one of our houses in Barnard castle, Co Durham.

And at our social enterprise, R2W - they’ve gone all ‘special delivery’ at Yuletide!

And at Kendal HQ, some very ‘woolly’ folks! It’s a great reminder that Christmas is the time for giving - and you also have a chance to nominate charities like Oaklea Trust to win £1,000! It’s run by our insurer Ecclesiastical & is completely FREE for you and only takes a few seconds. You will only need our charity number 1091722 and go to

Every weekday until the 21st December 10 charities will win £1,000. The more people help the more likely we are to win, so spread the word!

Plus here’s one of our Co Durham Team Manager’s - Val Middleton- getting into the Christmas spirit! (much milder climate over in her part of the NE and less need for a jumper!)

And we can’t leave without leaving the last word to Father Christmas….but who is that mysterious “upcycled” figure behind the beard….answers on a postcard to…

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