Simon's spreading something 'bloomin marvellous

Profile: Oaklea, 02nd Jun, 2021

A South Lakes based Oaklea customer is spreading the love with his very 'green fingers'! Take off your gardening gloves and pull up a deckchair...and let's hear it for our glorious gardener -Simon.

Taking in -“The hanging gardens of South Lakeland”

Simon has entered various competitions over the years -including ‘Kendal in Bloom’ and this year is going again for ‘Cumbria in Bloom’ - it was on hold last year due to the pandemic but now he’s raring to go and making the most of the awesome sunny weather after a tough spring for gardeners.

Master of all he surveys….bringin’ bloomin’ joy to friends, neighbours and passers by!

Here he explains how he initially got inspired to grow his own veg - but knocked that on the head for going all out for a floral display:

“To me to you” - Top duo in action

Simon lives in accomodation provided by our good chums at Fairoak Housing - they’ve been fully behind his plans to brighten up the space:

Buddy Guys:

Simon has regular support from Oaklea’s Steve ‘The Ruddmeister’ Rudd - when not on his Scooter, he makes time to say how much he loves what Simon has achieved as it brings joy to so many locally:

It’s a thumbs up from me: We caught up with Simon just after he’d had a new haircut - and he put support Steve and Marketing lead Simon (too many Simon’s lol) to shame - but tbf they’d both already had a close shave!

Simon - is also a regular at our Right2Work CIC - The Furniture Warehouse -and is a familiar face to many within the Oaklea Group -here’s a team shot we made earlier! (The Ruddmeister with a giveaway Scooter clue - worn with pride!)

In the frame -We will leave the last image to the top duo - hopefully they will remain ‘in the frame’ for winning ‘Cumbria in Bloom’….

Best of luck…’re definitely a winner to us whatever the outcome!

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