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Profile: Oaklea, 21st Aug, 2020

Earlier this year Oaklea started a brand new Supported Living Project in South Cumbria. Much work went into the planning of this new offer for a group of young men from Ulverston - but just as it was about to open - Covid19 hit.

So despite many delays thanks to the pandemic, in Summer 2020 - the ‘gang of four’ finally moved in! We caught up with them in August just after the final part of the jigsaw -the final young fella, moved in.

Top line up….

Introducing…Greg 18 years, Ryan 30, Sam, 26, and Jonathan 26. In fact - Welcome to Rakehead Cottages! (also pictured are team members Carol and Zoltan plus Oaklea Registered manager for Ulverston/Barrow - Sue Millington -the house has a team of 10 supporting the lads -including 24/7 cover)

Gizza hand - ok then!

Oaklea Operations Director, Alex Wolfenden, who has led on the project: “The parents of one of the lads -Ryan’s Dad, Lee, who works for the Morecambe Hub Offshore Team of Spirit Energy selected Oaklea as their charity and raised a whopping £3,300 which was donated to us to enable us to purchase some essential household items for the four young men to share when they moved into their new home at the end of June.”

Alex adds: “The move has been a long awaited one, made even longer by restrictions during the pandemic lockdown, but thanks to close working with the families and customers we’ve ensured a smooth and safe move into their new home with the team in Ulverston, under Sue Millington.”

Kitting out the house was the priority. Alex again: “We ordered sofas, tables and chairs, picnic benches and the all important TV for the lounge in their new home.”

Just chillin’….

Ryan loves relaxing in his room - so if you’re ever short of a dvd or game- give him a shout!

Ready, aim….strike….

The property has plenty of outdoor space - a picnic area and a garden to let off a bit of steam. We caught up with Jonathan practicing his footy skills in the garden…..though Zoltan seemed to have the net well covered!

….. Jonathan is a big fan of his new house - and is particularly fond of the food!

The guys all have a big input into how their house is run and have regular meetings plus get to say what kind of food and menus to have etc.

We are working in partnership with Kendal based Fairoak Housing Association to make this project a success and to hopefully transform the lives of these four young men so they can live as independently as possible.

Family and friends are regulary dropping by - very much an ‘open door’ approach - but of course during the current Corona pandemic we are observing restrictions and maintaining ‘bubbles’ and social distancing…

An area rooted in history

The house is owned by the Quakers and this area of Ulverston is steeped in history linked to the Quakers - nearby is a Friends Meeting House and just down the lane is Swarthmoor Hall -an Elizabethan Manor house with a long Quaker tradition. It also has extensive grounds - perfect for when the lads want to relax in a different setting nearby! (with commanding views over to the Hoad monument that overlooks Ulverston)

We will keep you updated on how things develop…..and whether we can form a Rakehead 5 a side!

Postcript 26 October - look what came in on the Ulverston sleigh

Sam from Rakehead has written to Santa with his wish list, which included amongst many things a Toy Shere Khan from the Jungle Book as well as a personal request to Santa to get rid of Covid19 as quickly as possible.

Sam says - If you want to write a letter to Santa, make sure you post it by 6th December to get a personal reply.

Post to:-

Santa or Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto
XM4 5HQ.
Include inside the envelope the following:-
Your letter to Santa.
Your reply Name & Address.
And also a 2nd or first class Stamp.

Sam has also written a polite letter to the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street, asking him to also get rid of Covid19 for ever and we will let you know if he gets a reply!

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