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Profile: Oaklea, 23rd Oct, 2019

Welcome aboard. Meet Richard - he's getting ready to have a placement at Oaklea HQ in Kendal (bravery medal pending!). It's part of his University Marketing & Business course at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire, Preston).

He will be mentored by our Marketing “team” aka Simon (so he may unlearn all he knows….watch this space”)

Richard is pretty well versed in all things Oaklea as he was supported by us when he was a youngster - and then did voluntary work at the Right2Work Furniture Warehouse - so he is quite familiar with what we do! Anyway it’s far better if you hear from Richard himself.

27 year old Richard has also had a year long placement at the Headquarters of the Skipton Building Society.

The objectives of the project he is doing are for now undefined but we will get Richard involved with some of the Marketing challenges we face in 2020 - we can get him looking at some research into new areas of business we intend to develop.(Some of his University project will also involve researching the organisation extensively to explore their current standing in the marketplace when compared to other organisations in the same marketplace. This could entail creating an organisation marketing strategy which will have a campaign plan, its implementation and the evaluation of the campaign. When completed this will then be produced into a overview presentation for UCLAN and Oaklea).

The placement part of Richard’s project with us will run between now and April of 2020. Richard adds: “During that time I would spend some time with your organisation on a semi regular basis in order to get new information and ensure that what work I produce for the assignment is relevant. My thinking is I can try and spend half a day a fortnight with you in November. A few days in December (due to Christmas hols) and maybe 1 day a fortnight from Jan to April.” Sounds like a plan! Welcome aboard….

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