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Back of the net for Jimmy!

Profile: Oaklea, 14th Nov, 2018

Oaklea staff really like to go the extra mile - and here’s a great example where they make someone’s special day…very special. An Oaklea customer in the North East has had a real party to remember! James ‘Jimmy’ Turnbull has just turned 90 and this month reached his 30th anniversary of living at his home in Morpeth, Northumberland.

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Suits you sirs - dinner on a plate for Torchlight volunteers

Profile: Oaklea, 13th Nov, 2018

Oaklea Trust were one of the nominated charities for the money raised from the Kendal Torchlight Carnival (A major event in the Cumbrian calendar). A team of Oaklea customers and staff hit the streets on a lively Friday evening back in September and raised nearly £2.5K for Torchlight -as one of the 5 nominated charities Oaklea received around £400 from this.

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Home is where the heart(h) is

Profile: Right2Work, 12th Oct, 2018

Oaklea Trust covers a whole range of things big & small - and sometimes it can be the more personal, small stuff that we take for granted that can really make such a difference. A great example of that comes from our CIC arm Right2Work (R2W). They offer employment advice to disadvantaged & vulnerable people -and for one of our advisers it went way beyond that.

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Fundraising - can be a bit of a (Pennine) Journey - literal and otherwise

Profile: Wishlist, 02nd Oct, 2018

Raising money for a charity like Oaklea can take many guises -and getting people involved and engaged is often the most challenging part - the actual events or activities are the least of our worries - they generally turn out pretty well -like this one! We’ve just completed two sections of Alfred Wainwright’s “Pennine Journey” -along with hundreds of others across the north- marking its 80th birthday.

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Howzat - 15 not out for Al

Profile: Oaklea, 24th Sep, 2018

Been busy taking some snaps of Oaklea customer Alan - he’s just racked up an amazing 15 years working at Morrisons in Kendal. His success is partly down to the role of MLMC Plan(My Life My Choices) - it ensures people like Al get to live as independently as possible.

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