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​‘Green Influencers’ fund to inspire young Cumbrians to follow Greta Thunberg’s lead

Profile: Oaklea, 14th Jan, 2021

Young people across south Cumbria will be inspired to follow in Greta Thunberg’s footsteps thanks to funding from The Ernest Cook Trust national educational charity.

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Telling us how we’re doing - good or bad we want to know

Profile: Oaklea, 11th Jan, 2021

Every organisation likes to know how they are doing -and we as a leading charity covering the North of England are no different.

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Top stocking filler - “Caring in Covid” - Book launches!

Profile: Oaklea, 18th Dec, 2020

Never one to let a blowing of our own trumpet to go amiss……you may recall we told you about the ‘Caring in Covid’ Book we are featuring in this Christmas….well it’s launched today and is a perfect stocking filler says Santa (!)

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It’s official -We’re a (seasonally) crafty lot at Oaklea

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Dec, 2020

This year we held a highly successful Christmas craft making competition across all our settings open to all customers as a group or individuals. It proved a great way to motivate and get busy in these challenging times and lets face it - just have some seasonal fun!

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If you look through the square window….

Profile: Oaklea, 07th Dec, 2020

Heart of the community - tis wot Oaklea/R2W does - and we can give you a special “window” on this world today.

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