Alston Old Primary - update - business case submitted

Profile: Oaklea, 26th Feb, 2021

It's almost exactly a year to the day we held a community led public consultation regarding the site of the former Alston Old Primary School.

Today we can announce some long awaited positive developments after much work behind the scenes despite Covid19.

Oaklea Operations Director, Alex Wolfenden: “We can confirm that the local project group have completed our detailed business case for the Community Asset Transfer of the former primary school at Alston. It was approved by our Oaklea Board Steering Group and has been submitted to Cumbria County Council for review and approval in line with their usual processes.

Local ‘buy in’ from the community has been key, as you can see from the survey results* -overwhelming support for the plans….

This grassroots support has been most appreciated - Alex adds:

“We are very grateful for the significant amount of support for the proposed project from individuals and groups locally; including the Parish Council and Alston Area Planning Group. We hope that it will be considered favourably at the first stage, which is the Eden Local Committee.”

Above: The project group pictured a year ago in February 2020 at the consultation event at Samuel Kings

If you want to input or support the Steering Group you can get in touch via Oaklea Trust HQ T: 01539 735025 E:Contact us

*A survey was held and managed by the local steering group in early 2020 -a big thanks to Alston Moor resident Adam Walters who crunched the data!

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