Be with us - Oaklea Annual Report 2020

Profile: Oaklea, 02nd Dec, 2020

The Oaklea Group Annual Report for 2020 reflecting on the year 2019-20 is now available.

The report focus is on march 2019-March 2020 but of course can’t ignore the unprecedented times we live in.

“If someone had said to me that we would have to furlough and isolate employees, insist that we work within bubbles, limit the number of learners at Right2Work, working socially distant from one another, and wear full PPE in supporting roles and masks when going into the office, I would have thought it a bad dream that could never happen. This is the new reality. How would we cope? Would we be able to continue to provide high quality support? What sort of financial shape would we be in? The answer to these questions is that we have more than coped continuing with business in an innovative and flexible way. This has been down to the excellent work of each individual employee, as well as the efforts and resolve of our customers and learners. Well done to everyone.” Clive Wigley CEO

You can download a copy here: Oaklea Annual Report 2019_20_WEB.pdf (at the moment due to Covid19 we are only publishing it online -this may change as circumstances alter) and here Oaklea Annual Report - easy reading online version

Oaklea Chair Andy Scott adds: “The fact that employees took on different roles within the organisation to help distribute food and medication, the diversification of the work at the Hub to deliver meals to isolated local people, the way that our care teams continued to offer care and support despite being concerned for their own safety, and the way that head office-based employees were flexible and responsive to contingency planning. I also note the resolve of our customers and learners and the way they have supported their communities and one another. It has been a joy to see the individual posts and stories that have been shared. The Board is proud of you.”

Inside you will find updates on what we have been up to plus

  • How we have engaged with those we support and our communities
  • Finance summary
  • Future objectives for Oaklea Group and our plans for the coming year
  • Response from our stakeholders

Many thanks to those featured in the Report - it is really appreciated (front cover image was taken early 2020 at Sunbeams Music Therapy near Penrith as part of an Oaklea Leisure Group trip)