Wanted! - Could you be a Trustee or Board Member? - steer future of Oaklea Group

Profile: Oaklea, 13th Mar, 2018

The Oaklea Trust and its social enterprise, Right2Work (R2W), are looking to recruit new enthusiastic volunteer Board members and Trustees for our forward thinking, fast growing organisations. If you are passionate about making a difference to the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children and adults or just feel this is an area you would like to develop your skills & knowledge, then you could be the person we are looking for. Each Trustee/Board member would have a mentor – you would also be able to ‘try it out’ to see if it's for you. The things we do are amazing and change people’s lives in a positive way.

“We understand commitment is needed but we are flexible and want to ensure it fits around your working life. I was around 40 years old when I joined – and it really helped my personal development. You don’t need experience or that of the customer group - it’s more about an enquiring mind and confidence to ask questions (even those which may feel are obvious!) We have had some great discussions from these! Cate Grimes, current Chair of Oaklea Trust and Board member at R2W

What are we after – where do you fit in?

If you have an interest in any of the following and are prepared to give your time, we want to hear from you:-

  • Making a difference to people’s lives
  • Developing new projects
  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Management
  • Interest in finances
  • Raising money for good causes
  • Teaching & Education

  • Who’s on board at the moment – what kind of people do we already have?

    Existing Trustee/Board member backgrounds are from Human Resources, the Education & Health Care sector, training providers, Social Services, Prison Service – but we want to hear from anyone with an interest in what we do – you may have been a customer of Oaklea/R2W or similar organisations and feel you can contribute.

    What’s it like being a Trustee with Oaklea or a Board member with R2W: Cate Grimes is Chair of Oaklea Trust – and a former Chair of R2W, so been there got the t- shirt!

    What I have learnt….

    • It’s all about putting something back into the local community. You really do ‘make a difference’!
    • Very rewarding to support this customer group and it is lovely to see the success stories following input from Oaklea/R2W employees.
    • We are all from diverse backgrounds/experience which makes for interesting discussions about strategic issues.
    • Chance to work at a strategic level. I joined around 2002 when I was starting to work at Board level in my role at work. I personally wanted the experience to understand what it was like on the other side of the Board table and to help me to write better Board reports at work – anticipating the needs and questions of the Board members.
    • We understand commitment is needed but we are flexible and want to ensure it fits around your working life. I was around 40 years old when I joined – and it really helped my personal development.
    • There’s plenty of training & support and you’ll also be mentored. We also offer ‘taster’ sessions so you can find out if it’s for you.

    It’s good to talk….our Trustees and Board members are available if you have any questions….new Trustee, Linda Adey says, “If anybody wanted to speak to another Trustee about the role, I’ve found folk to be very friendly and none of us would mind having an informal chat. As a new Trustee I’m more than willing to do that to share my experience so far.”

    But before you do anything…….pick up the phone and call Clive!

    If you would like to join us at a strategic level and therefore have a positive impact on people’s lives, apply today by sending your CV to or call our CEO (Clive Wigley) for an informal discussion 01539 735025. “We’re always open to new ideas and want people from all walks of life - people who represent the communities we serve.”

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