Big hands up for family fundraising efforts for Ulverston project

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Jun, 2020

Oaklea are launching a brand new Supported Living Project for a group of young men in South Cumbria. The scheme in Ulverston has been delayed due to the Covid19 pandemic - but now it's all systems go.

Today we are able to give you some really positive news - the families connected to the project have raised nearly three and a half thousand pounds! One of those who will be benefiting will be Ryan (above) -as you can see he’s already a big fan!

Oaklea Operations Director and lead for the project, Alex Wolfenden: “Ryan’s Dad, Lee, works for the Morecambe Hub Offshore Team of Spirit Energy and they selected Oaklea as their charity for this quarter and have raised a whopping £3,300. This has been donated to us to enable us to purchase some essential household items for the four young men to share when they move into their new home at the end of June.”

The way the team brought in the cash was also a bit different - here’s Alex again: “The team at Spirit Energy raise the funds for donation through a traffic light system of observing and reporting safety concerns to improve their safety and effectiveness on the offshore platform. I was invited to attend their virtual team meeting to share with them the details of the project and what the money will be used for.”

The project was meant to start earlier this year but has been delayed due to the Corona virus…here’s Alex again: “The move has been a long awaited one, made even longer by restrictions during the pandemic lockdown, but we are now working with the families and customers to ensure a smooth and safe move into their new home with the team in Ulverston, under our Registered Manager Sue Millington. We have already ordered sofas, tables and chairs, picnic benches and the all important TV for the lounge in their new home!”

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