Branching Out - Summer 2020 - The Covid19 Edition

Profile: Oaklea, 06th Aug, 2020

The latest edition of the Oaklea Group magazine 'Branching Out' is now available.

For the first time it is a virtual publication only - we made this decision due to the Corona pandemic and beilieved it was the most appropriate means of distribution (to minimise handling etc). But this has also allowed us to be more experimental -including videos etc.

“Welcome to this Branching Out. I do hope this issue finds you, your families and our customers well in this challenging time of COVID19. I know you will find this issue interesting and it includes many stories of how people have met recent challenges and how brave and dedicated our employees have been towards their customers and the communities they support. I have had many conversations with employees over the past few months and your resilience and hard work in keeping things going has been fantastic. Myself, the Executive Team and the Board are very proud of all our teams throughout Oaklea & Right2Work.”
Clive Wigley CEO Oaklea Group

Click here Branching Out Summer 2020

In this edition get to find out what our employees and customers have been up to…..some of the tales include:

Why are Oaklea and R2W employees getting dressed up…but not for dinner…

Why has Jim from R2W Community Works got an extra big smile on his face… it because he’s just “dropped a curler into the back of the net”?

Why did a bus become named Bulgy get a ‘makeover’ and is now a community asset?

And how Oaklea customers across the north kept themselves engaged, amused and focused during lockdown:

And how this challenging situation brought out the best in our communities…

Writing, communicating and sharing the love was a prominent theme…

And even prompted a poet to step forward…

Maybe we will see you in the next edition…stay safe everyone.

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