Community Learning Well-being - R2W Annual Report

Profile: Right2Work, 18th Oct, 2019

"Right"....time "Right" place -for Annual Report for Oaklea Group CIC Right2Work

Just produced our Annual Report for our CIC (Community Interest Co) Right2Work (R2W) which many of you will be so familiar with.
So much going on at R2W so do have a look at what they’ve been up to, future plans and so forth.
This year’s focus is on the 3 key themes of what R2W does:

Chair Phil Shea: “It has been another dynamic and successful year as we continue to grow and develop further….The challenges that lie ahead rest in ensuring that we remain a profitable and ethical business whilst continuing to enhance the learning, well-being and involvement in the community of our customers.”
You will also see features on some of the people we work with -so huge thanks to those who took part -click on the link below!

R2W Annual Report 2019 210x210_WEB.pdf

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