Fancy meeting you here!

Profile: Oaklea, 28th Jul, 2020

Do I know you.....? You certainly do!

It’s not often you turn up to work and find you are working alongside someone you helped get on the social care career ladder! Well that’s exactly what’s happened to Oaklea/Right2Work employee Grant Huck.

Today has seen an interesting re-connection between tutor and student. Grant Huck, Right2Work (R2W) Job Coach and Oaklea Lifestyle Co-ordinator found himself on shift at Oaklea’s new Supported Living home; Rakeshead Cottage, Ulverston, Cumbria. Nothing unusual about that you say. But he found himself on shift with his previous Supported Internship and Supported Employment Student Rachel!

Rachel joined the Furness R2W Work & Learn scheme in September 2018 and was incredibly lucky to secure an Internship with the NHS and made a huge lasting impression on her employers. She then Joined the R2W Supported Employment scheme and after lots of preparation, job skills training, training support, interview skills practice and more than 6 different job interviews, she finally secured an amazing opportunity as a Lifestyle Coordinator with the Oaklea Trust.

She has continued to grow and develop in her role over the last year or so and has worked in a number of their different homes around Barrow and Ulverston and was recently moved to one of the Oaklea Trust’s newest homes - Rakeshead Cottage. While all this was happening, Grant recently took on some part time work with the Oaklea Trust as a Lifestyle Coordinator too. (you know what happens next…) And because he lives in Ulverston, Rakeshead Cottage was the obvious choice for him. Arriving at work this morning, to his immense surprise, he found himself on shift with the very Rachel he had helped for over two years. A great opportunity for them to catch up and work together as part of a great new team with 4 new clients.

They obviously got on ok - as you can see - Grant: “Here we are helping resident Johnathan develop his domestic independence.”

You could say it’s a funny old world…and so good to see something go full circle……Grant better behave himself - Rachel may soon be showing him how to do things!

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