"Bear" necessities of life....

Profile: Oaklea, 01st Dec, 2017

Golden Moments South Lakes BEAR all.....

Marmalade sandwiches all round!

The Oaklea Golden Moments South Lakes group had a cracking day out involving a bus trip, scrummy cafe, fish and chips - all rounded off by ‘BEARing’ all at a showing of ‘must see flick of the moment’ - “Paddington 2” at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal.

“Memories that will live for a long time from a fab day out with the Golden Moments group - lots of fun and smiling happy faces, laughter and fantastic stuff to talk about for all who participated. Definitely a case of that saying - the best things in life come free are all of that and what’s more… priceless.” Karen Kidd, Oaklea Trust Leisure Services Manager and Kendal ‘Golden Moments’ guru.

No one was available to confirm whether Marmalade sandwiches were served with the Fish and Chips!

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