Hairy Biker found moonlighting at Oaklea -and other strange tales

Profile: Oaklea, 10th Jul, 2018

It takes all sorts - that's why people are our No.1 asset! The Summer edition of our Newsletter, "Branching Out" is now available electronically (see link below). Oaklea Trust covers a real variety of activities from social enterprises to social care to running youth activities. One of our regular features looks at a member of the Oaklea team.

To access the Summer edition of “Branching Out” click here Oaklea Branching Out_Summer 2018 WEB.pdf

This time we’ve been ‘Getting to Know’ Lifestyle Co-ordinator extraordinaire Terry Gibbon. Terry, who works at our Supported Living accommodation in Brandon, County Durham is a talented artist and musician.

Terry; “I’m extremely passionate about art and often take my inspirations from the Pre Raphaelite and Post impressionistic eras. My favorite artist is Rossetti. I have an uncanny ability for picking up any musical instrument and just being able to play despite having no formal training. I can also hold a tune so I have been told!”

“On leaving school in 1993, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in art and design. On advice, I studied a Btec in Graphic design at New College Durham and then continued to study the subject to HND level. I soon came to realize that with the advancement of personal computers, anyone could be a graphic designer! I grew bored with the subject as I felt more at home hurling paint around rather than staying clean and staring at a computer screen all day. I was drawn to the world of theatre and set design. I enrolled myself at Cleveland College of Art and Design, incidentally the same University that the director Ridley Scott studied at. I commenced a B.A. degree in Entertainment crafts. It was there that I truly found my identity as an artist and my vocation, met friends for life and even shook hands with the guy that made Yoda from Star Wars.”

It’s people like Terry who make Oaklea tick. If you want to join us get in touch with

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