High noon for Oaklea CIC R2W - Sheriff rides in

Profile: Right2Work, 04th Oct, 2019

Oaklea's CIC Right2Work welcomed some special guests today - led by the new High Sheriff of Cumbria Marcia Reid Fotheringham, JP.

Marcia (seen above with R2W Regional Manager, Pete Bradbury) and the other VIP’s -including key funders from CCF (Cumbria Community Foundation) were given a grand tour of the R2W Kendal HQ by Chris Pantechis (Furniture Warehouse Manager). High Sheriff Marcia was impressed with what she saw -click on the video below:

High Sheriff Marcia gives R2W the thumbs up!

They saw Learner Joe busy stripping a sofa for recycling and got a chance to chat with the people we support in the Furniture Warehouse.

They also saw first hand the difference R2W makes to people through training, building skills and employment advice. Not least through the Cumbria wide Employment Team -some of whom are pictured below.

The role of High Sheriff stretches back to the Middle Ages -and acts on behalf of the Monarch for Judges & the Justice system + she also promotes and raises funds for local charities and celebrates local heroes - clearly R2W and Oaklea fit that!

Moving on - the group also got a look at a key element of R2W - the Life Skills area - here our Learners get to grips with things like how to do the ironing, making a bed, using a washing machine etc.

To find out more about R2W - go to their website R2W Website -all contact information is on there too!

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