Howdy Sheriff - new 'pardner' in town for Oaklea!

Profile: Oaklea, 10th Apr, 2018

Oaklea Trust's CIC arm (Community Interest Co) Right2Work (R2W) has had a special visit from the High Sheriff of Cumbria* - his posse also included key Trustees from the Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF) - one of the main funders of R2W. They were seeing at first hand where the money goes and why the project has been so successful over many years in getting disadvantaged people into work, training and learning life skills. *For the eagle eyed he's the one in the middle with the chain of office!

The visit took place at R2W main base at the Mintsfeet Industrial Estate in Kendal (R2W works across the County). Simon Berry - the High Sheriff- is also the boss of English Lakes Hotels. He and CCF Trustees were given a guided tour by R2W Regional Manager Peter Bradbury. Some of the many activities they saw included the recycling work where sofas are stripped for their wood. As you can see Duncan has been very busy breaking this one up. Way to go Dunc!

There’s also an upholstering project which aims to take rejected or dumped soft furnishings and re condition them and put them back out on sale thus reducing the need for more landfill….and continuing the circle….they’re sold in R2W’s own Furniture Warehouse on the same site.

R2W isn’t just about jobs and training - they also teach life skills. Here customers are being shown how to do stuff like making a bed and ironing - things many of us take for granted.

The role of Sheriff goes back a long way and in the Middle Ages was primarily the representative of Royalty and responsible for ensuring the local populace coughed up their taxes. The current day role is more about giving back to the community…and there was little doubt from Sheriff Simon and the CCF Trustees that R2W is the very embodiment of that principle.

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