If you look through the square window....

Profile: Oaklea, 07th Dec, 2020

Heart of the community - tis wot Oaklea/R2W does - and we can give you a special "window" on this world today.

Do you recall us mentioning a few weeks ago (do keep up) we were featuring in a big book coming out in a few weeks created by the National Care Forum ‘Caring in Covid’ – looking at how the social care sector responded to the Covid pandemic? (background here NCF “Caring in Covid” back story)

Well in addition to this NCF have also created an online advent calendar featuring videos etc and we featured on 5 December! So enter the grotto and click on this link and go to Saturday December 5th!

It features this story….

The calendar generated an awful lot of national activity on social media through th NCF Campaign team -example from Twitter below (Vic Rayner is Chief Exec of NCF)

Some background: NCF did this to develop a lasting legacy of the pandemic by documenting the experiences and contributions of the incredible response from NCF members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oaklea are an NCF member!