It's a fair 'chop' guv

Profile: Right2Work, 22nd Oct, 2019

This is more like Kelvin. He's limbering up for the Taekwondo Championships in Italy next week.

Kelvin is part of the GBR team - a massive achievement. There’s 8 in the team from across Britain - representing different heights and ages. The team comes from across Britain -largely from major cities like Liverpool, Newcastle etc so this is is a huge moment for our Kelvin from Kendal.

Kelvin is a very familiar face to Oaklea as we support him plus he’s also a regular at Right2Work at the Furniture Warehouse. He’s very excited about being part of Team GBR:

As you can see he’s just taken delivery of his bespoke embroidered outfit….it looks awesome i’m sure you’ll agree!

‘Chop chop’ gotta dash….Best of luck to Kelvin and Team GBR!

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