Oaklea Customer & Stakeholder Evaluation Report 2017

Profile: Oaklea, 08th Feb, 2018

The Oaklea Trust is a charitable organisation with a vision based on the principle that everyone has a positive contribution to make to society and the right to control their own lives. During 2017, Oaklea has supported many people with a variety of needs. We also worked extensively with a range of other agencies to make this happen.

Customer Stakeholder Report 2017 WEBversion.pdf

“Staff make my life enjoyable by booking trips and days out. We have lots of fun and parties. This feels like at home and not just a house I live in.” Oaklea Customer comment

• Better customer response: Combination of research tools both online and face to face resulted in improved response on Customer survey year on year (2017 57% compared with 41% 2016)

• Bigger reach: A third of stakeholders responded – and much greater reach in 2017 (171 stakeholders approached compared to 40 in 2016)

• Positive overall experience of working with Oaklea - nearly 98% from stakeholders and partners

Customer Questionnaire

This year we sent hard copy surveys out to 341 customers with 196 responses and a return rate of 57% (the surveys were completed with support where appropriate)

The results that appear in this report are taken from the completed questionnaires.

The results were split into the following areas (% return rate)

  • Residential Adult Social Care (RASC) (92%)
  • Community Social care (CSC) including Children (66%)
  • Homecare & Community (48%)
  • Riversiders/Westmorland MENCAP (71%)
  • Right2Work (R2W) Hub Cafe and Furniture Warehouse (44%)
  • R2W Employment (13%)

Stakeholder Questionnaire

The annual stakeholder survey was conducted online only and sent to 171 partners and stakeholders (they include Healthcare, Education & Training, activity providers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations etc).

The survey was sent by email using ‘Survey Monkey’ – a web research tool which processes online surveys and records the results. (In the past surveys were sent by post and this often had a poor return rate – to address this the survey was simplified into 6 questions each with a tick box and comments section). This year the number of surveys increased considerably from the previous year (171 sent out compared with 40 the previous year).

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