Oaklea gets a lovely thumbs up from IIP

Profile: Oaklea, 15th Oct, 2019

Oaklea have secured their Investors in People (IIP) status again. We've just had our review (September 2019) and the report is very favourable.

Highlights from the IIP Report include:
-On the new Headquarters in Kendal- “The new offices are popular and appeared to have benefited cross team working and enhanced the positive atmosphere.”
-“Investment in staff training has continued across all services and all interviewees referred to either management training or other specialist training and support they had received in the past year.”
-“Good use is made of both the Oaklea Trust and an enhanced Right2Work website (Right2Work) and the various social media channels (facebook/Instagram/LinkedIN/Twitter). Benefits include overall profile raising, engagement with stakeholders and recruitment of staff.”
-“All felt excited about the wider development of the trust with several referring to the Appleby Hub as a successful facility.”
-Positive comments were heard about the enhanced ECG (Employee Consultative Group) with representation from all areas and services -this is how feedback across the organisation can be collected and ideas and best practice shared.
There’s plenty more but thought you might like to know that as a charity we work hard on your behalf…and that has been recognised independently!

HR Manager Helen Shaw adds:

Oaklea’s annual Investors in People (IIP) review was carried out in September 2019. A selection of employees and Managers from Oaklea and Right2Work (r2W) were interviewed by Ian Hartley from IIP and I would like to thank those employees who spared their time to speak with Ian to support Oaklea with our ongoing objectives.

Oaklea have maintained their IIP standard accreditation and this resonates with the hard work put in my our employees. The IIP review was a very positive one highlighting the work Oaklea and R2W do in line with our mission statement, values and workplace behaviours. The review of current objectives were discussed and future actions put in place for the IIP 2020 review.

Key recommendations to take forward are enhancing two way communication between employees and Managers, further guidance for employees to prepare for annual Performance and Achievement reviews and further promotion to employees of the Sovereign Healthcare Cash Plan. New developments are Oaklea’s health and wellbeing strategy and identify wellbeing champions within the organisation. Champions to be developed across the organisation as a whole to include the expansion of Champions in the following areas: Dignity, Induction and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

We are developing the key recommendations as outlined in Oaklea’s IIP report and we will be taking forward these forward into 2020 – watch this space.

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