Spring has sprung and it has a very "Independent" air about it!

Profile: Oaklea, 28th Mar, 2018

Here's one I grew earlier! Oaklea Trust is all about helping people to live independent lives. At our supported living accommodation in Barrow, spring is very much in the air. Geoffrey has been busy getting his spuds in. Green fingers are optional but its all part of the 'My Life My Choice' plan that Oaklea put in place where we create a support package to meet the needs of each individual, the support they need and how they want to develop. Must be working - Geoffrey's been with Oaklea for nearly a quarter of a century......a 'chip' off the old where did that potato peeler get to?

My Life My Choices (MLMC) is the name we give to the plan which describes how we will support our customers. MLMC include

  • Personal care
  • Healthcare & Medication
  • Food & nutrition
  • Practical & financial
  • Social support

Here House Manager Liane Rawlinson chats with Geoffrey how the plan can ensure he benefits from choice and control over his daily life - it’s all about giving Geoffrey the chance to develop personal skills, be healthy and get the support and care he needs when he wants it.

Using MLMC is all about positive outcomes like making sure you are safe; maintaining your economic well-being; ensuring you remain active in your community and so forth.

Peter - like Geoffrey- has been in the same Supported Living Accommodation with him for more than 20 years and they’re firm friends. MLMC is all about enabling individuals like Peter and Geoffrey to enjoy life.

Peter says; “I love it here as I’ve made really good friends - me and Geoffrey have known each other for about 25 years! I also like the fact that my family can visit anytime!” Though Manager Liane says it’s always best they call first as our customers are always out and about making the most of what the area has to offer! “Our house prides itself on it’s gentle lifestyle approach and the fact we can cater for a multitude of needs and desires!”

Peter is also the living embodiment of the Oaklea vision that everyone has a positive contribution to make to society and the right to control their own lives - especially as he takes making you a brew very seriously and is a top host!

If you or someone you know would like to know more about the support packages Oaklea offer - contact or call 01539 735025

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