“Every adventure has a first step” Lewis Carroll

2020 - Was intended to be a big year for Oaklea - we were 30 years old - thanks to Covid19, celebrations have been put back. But we’re back on track - so come and join our celebrations. Here you will find information on how to get involved - maybe you want to attend our anniversary celebration in June -or want to donate, sponsor or just help out in some way. All you need to know is here.

Please note: Event has been re-scheduled for Saturday 26th June 2021 due to Corona Virus -see below- and will be a VIRTUAL celebration.

Through the Looking Glass -30 Years Celebration

“Every adventure has a first step.” Lewis Carroll

Re-scheduled for Summer 2021

Oaklea’s Celebration Event had been postponed due to the current pandemic. But we are pleased to confirm that our celebration event will NOW take place on Saturday 26th June 2021 from 1915-2045. Instead of being at a hotel location due to the ongoing Covid19 situation we have decided to host this virtually via Zoom. We will also have a keynote speaker - Andy Beeforth OBE from CCF - Cumbria Community Foundation. We hope that you will still be able to join us to celebrate our 30 years anniversary.

Oaklea Director Sue Green: “CCF have funded and helped kickstart a number of Oaklea/R2W projects so they know us well and can talk personally of their involvement with us as a charitable group. He is an extremely busy man so we are thrilled he has agreed to be our keynote speaker”

Who is Andy Beeforth - some background on our keynote speaker!

Born in Middlesborough, Andy has been very active this side of the Pennines. Building Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF) from a start up to one of Cumbria’s most highly respected organisations. They have distributed £46M to date to over 4,000 organisations. CCF had a huge role in responding to the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak, and responses to 2005, 2009 and 2015 major flooding incidents. They also played a role in supporting the response to the 2010 Derek Bird/Whtehaven shootings. More recently Andy and CCF have been working at the request of the Charity Commission on a post Grenfell review of UK disaster response. Away from doing good stuff - Andy loves Sea kayaking, cycling, singing, and playing the guitar (badly and with enthusiasm)! He also has extensive family experience of disability and health issues and is very familiar with what Oaklea/R2W does….

Update 22 March 2021 - A wee teaser from Andy lands - he’s ready for the big day are you?

Therefore - as Oaklea Trust ..celebrates 30 years -Join us as we step “Through the Looking Glass”

In 2020 The Oaklea Trust charity reached a major milestone – we turned 30 years old. It’s something really worth celebrating. We will be holding a fundraising event to mark the occasion. The evening’s theme is inspired by Alice in Wonderland as we take you ‘through the looking glass’ and share with you our journey over 3 momentous decades.

The evening will now take on a different format than originally planned as it will now be done virtually -we will let you know more details soon! But we aim to include; raffle prizes and auction, a key speaker (see above) and a visual record of what Oaklea has achieved. All those joining us will get a ‘goody bag’ to mark the occasion!

Oaklea has continued to respond to the changing needs of individuals and communities during this time. That’s why we have been inspired by Lewis Carroll – “every adventure has a first step.”

We would love you to join us: customers, learners, colleagues and suppliers celebrating together.

£10pp - all funds going to Oaklea Trust charity to continue our work ‘supporting stronger communities’ -don’t be late!

enquiries@oakleatrust.co.uk T: 01539 735025

Get involved

If you can’t attend but would like to support us - why not make a donation, or sponsor an award or contribute in some other way. Give us a call - and we can talk any ideas through Speak to us or T:01539 735025 OR make a donation via our online fundraising page Oaklea Trust VirginMoneyGiving page

What is planned on the night……

The proposed running order is:

7.15pm Welcome from the Oaklea Group CEO, Clive Wigley (including protocols for the event)

7.20pm Keynote speaker Andy Beeforth, CEO Cumbria Community Foundation

7.30pm Video (1) - The journey of Oaklea over 3 decades and how social care has changed

7.35pm Awards Presentations (Oaklea/R2W customers/learners)

7.55pm Interval

8.05pm Awards Presentations (employee)

8.25pm Video (2) A celebration of where we are now including response to biggest challenge yet - Covid19 pandemic

8.30pm Celebration Raffle and Best Fancy Dress Award

8.40pm Closing remarks from the CEO

8.45pm Close

All those attending will receive a bumper goody bag with an Alice in Wonderland theme!

We can’t give it all away yet - but here’s a taster…wonder if you can guess what some of it will be!

We also have Oaklea customers involved in shaping the event - playing for fun!

This is Oaklea supported Andrew - he’s a bit of a musical maestro and despite not being able to read music can play and create almost anything by ear - in March 2021 he started to look at ideas for providing a possible soundtrack for the videos/interval:

Loading our story…..

Sarah from our HQ is busy beavering away (“Other mammals are available” says Mr Hare) creating the videos for the evening…..but you’ll have to join us to see what they contain…..But they will show how Oaklea began 30 years ago, how social care has evolved and what we do now and how all that has changed. But who will feature? Join us!

Not Just hares - Keeping people informed - 30th provides ‘Wonderland’ Guinea Pig!

We used the 30th celebrations to launch our new look more eco friendly Branching Out Newsletter -as Covid19 has encouraged more information to be contact free! (you can view it here and subscribe to future editions….simples)

Branching Out - Oaklea Newsletter

Zooming in on the best advice

On 27 April we held a highly productive session with Laura Rutter from Cumbria CVS. She is tasked with supporting the Third Sector/Charities with making the best of the ‘new normal’ especially Zoom. As our 30th is a Zoom/virtual event she was able to give useful advice on what works and what doesn’t as well as tackling ‘the etiquette of Zoom’.

Keeping it under his hat….

With just a few weeks to go…..Steve and the rest of his pals at this Oaklea house in South Lakes have been busy getting their home all ‘dressed’ & ready for the big night. Steve would love to tell you what is in store…but he’s keeping it under his hat! Book a place and you’ll find out!

They’re definitely working well to the ‘Wonderland’ theme….

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