Oaklea is a charitable organisation with a vision based on the principle that everyone has a positive contribution to make to society and the right to control their own lives.

We can help you.

Oaklea provide high standards of care and aim to enable individuals to be as independent as possible. Whatever your circumstances, if you have a need then we can help you access the right levels of support.

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We can advise you.

Our team of over 400 employees comprises highly qualified and experienced individuals who can advise and assist in every aspect of professional care. You can call us on 01539 735 025 or get in touch by email at enquiries@oakleatrust.co.uk

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You can support us.

Oaklea is a charity. Our existence and continued operation relies on external funding, the generosity of benevolent individuals and organisations. If you'd like to help support our work, then we'd love to hear from you.

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What's On Offer

For older people

Find out about our specialist Home Care services, welcome home from hospital service or our Golden Moments Companion Care

For people with learning and physical disabilities

Find out more about the support we can provide with independent living, employment, community participation, and good health and wellbeing.

For young people

Find out about the clubs and activities on offer for young people, as well as information on Wishlist.

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Profile: Oaklea, 10th Jul, 2018

It takes all sorts - that's why people are our No.1 asset! The Summer edition of our Newsletter, "Branching Out" is now available electronically (see link below). Oaklea Trust covers a real variety of activities from social enterprises to social care to running youth activities. One of our regular features looks at a member of the Oaklea team.

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Healthy 'hands on' approach to life

Profile: Oaklea, 06th Jul, 2018

Oaklea Trust place a big value on their staff -and that's why they have introduced a healthcare plan' as an employee benefit. It's provided by Yorkshire based Sovereign Healthcare and covers both employee and dependent family. Some of the benefits include contributing to everyday essentials like dental and optical care. It also helps with things to keep you 'ticking over' like physio, chiropody, alternative therapies and health screening.

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