Learning2Live is a partnership programme which brings together learning and a place to live.

Chop chop -1st day at their new Allotment in Burneside!

In response to a need for more options for young people with learning disabilities in their transition from school to adulthood, our Learning2Live programme is an alternative to a residential college and takes learning a step further by equipping young people with the skills to live independently.

The programme focuses on achieving independence within three broad areas of “managing a home”, “managing oneself” and “engaging in the community” and brings together a partnership of specialist providers in supported living, learning and specialist employment.

The aim for Learners is to complete a three year programme after which they aspire to live as independently as possible; engaging with their local community through work and activities.

Find out more here in our current brochure Learning2Live Brochure WEB

An Englishman/woman’s home is his -The first big get together – Lowther Castle August 2021

Click on these links for what our group have been up to since meeting up at start of August 2021

Find out about the group’s first awayday together at Lowther Castle near Penrith -Pizza, making nameplates & fun bonding!

Lowther Awayday 1 -getting to know each other

Making their mark at the Marchesi Centre, Windermere

Drawing you in

Another big awayday – at a different castle (!) -and a chance to get a sense of place

Wray Castle awayday

A first (of many)….Christmas Dinner!

The learning journey begins….

Beginning mid October – the group started a four week learning programme – this session was an all dayer ‘Living in the community’

Window on the world

A trip by public transport to Keswick – learning about locality, map reading and a sense of place and gaining independence.

Thirlmere from the 555 Bus by L2L YP Jordan aka ‘The Mighty J”

Road trip 2022 – A truly “Magical Mystery Tour”…

In March our gang headed to Liverpool for a fun packed day – and also an excuse to mark Michael’s 22nd birthday – YAY! (Full story here https://www.oakleatrust.co.uk/daytripper-to-liverpool/)

Where are we based?

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