Branching Out - Celebrating with first edition for 2020

Profile: Oaklea, 22nd Jan, 2020

Our first Oaklea Group newsletter/magazine for 2020 now available.

In this edition you can find out all about what we have been up to and details of things coming up -for example:

  1. News about plans to celebrate 30 years of Oaklea -happy birthday to us!
  2. What the 7 Keys to Citizenship mean day to day
  3. New developments in Alston, the Apprentice Academy and plans for young people with our extended offer across Cumbria
  4. How we are progressing our biggest fundraiser to date - Extra Care Housing for local elderly people with #ProjectEdenside
  5. What’s been happening at Right2Work our CIC/social enterprise

Arresting scenes - and see why some of our customers in County Durham were pounding the beat with the emergency services…

Plus we have a whole new set of faces in our Trustee team - find out who they are -and get to know more about our new Chair, Andy Scott - “Tricky Trees” alert - see if you can spot which football team he follows (the clue isn’t hiding under the R2W bed in The Furniture Warehouse….that’s for sure!)

And much much more….

Download a copy here: Oaklea Branching Out Jan WEB friendly.pdf

If you want to request a hard copy please contact us on Contact Oaklea

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