Under arrest - for having a good time!

Profile: Oaklea, 19th Dec, 2019

"I say I say I say - is that the 'Laughing Policeman' on patrol with Oaklea?"

News coming into the Oaklea Control Room from our very own (Acting) Detective Adele Wade from the Children’s Team: “We had two PCSO’s come into our Furness Youth Club to give a talk about internet safety. They gave us some really good advice and additional opportunities for the children/young people to learn about general safety in the future.”

Rumours now abound that Adele is spending the Christmas period under lock and key -for her own protection- from having too much fun

Adele adds (from behind bars presumably) “The young people were also given the opportunity to try on some of the police uniform and handcuffs (which I might add are not comfortable) particularly when Scarlet fastens them and tries to bend your arms in ways they are not designed to bend!. As you can see Mia found the whole episode hilarious, David, Kian, Scarlet, Robert and Ryan all had great fun.”

Certainly made an ‘arresting’ session!

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